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Inclusivity statement


  1. Membership and rank in the Ring of Ghosti, attendance at public or semipublic activities, and participation in any study programs, shall not be denied to any person on the basis of race, ancestry, color, physical disability (except as mentioned elsewhere in this article), age, gender, affectional orientation, or gender identity, but may be denied to individuals practicing creeds inimical to Indo-European Neopagan Religions.
  2. Membership within the Ring of Ghosti, positions of office and clergy, and other such positions of responsibility and trust as the organization may determine, shall be granted only to practicing Neopagans who are not simultaneously practicing a creed inimical to Indo-European Neopagan Religions.
  3. As used herein, "inimical creeds" shall include varieties of conservative monotheism, atheism, demonism, racialism, or other such faiths, as determined by the BOD.
  4. Proven communication of behavior of a virulently racist, sexist, homophobic, heterophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, or otherwise bigoted manner, shall be grounds for expulsion from the Ring of Ghosti as described in Article 10 of these by-laws. This does not include strong verbal statements about the theology, history, or psychological characteristics of other religions.
  5. All organizers of any the Ring of Ghosti activities shall make strenuous efforts to facilitate the participation of differently-abled individuals. Nonetheless, all aspirants to any given rank or position must be able to meet all the relevant qualifications previously determined for said rank or position, unless waived by the BOD.

Consent Culture

  1. The Ring of Ghosti is committed to a positive, yes mean yes, consent culture at all events.
  2. Training on consent culture shall be offered at minimum to the BOD either through in house resources or through a reputable outside training source.
  3. The BOD will be required to go through such training within 1 year of their election to the position, if they have not already gone through the training.
  4. At any festivals or gatherings run by the Ring of Ghosti or any of its subgroups, a workshop to discuss consent culture and yes means yes ideals will be held by members trained in consent culture.